Greater Grand Rapids USBC

Greater Grand Rapids USBC
Annual Membership Meeting Held

The meeting was held Thursday May 10th, 2012
at Westgate Bowl in the Bingo Room.

This year's Annual Membership meeting had one of the largest turnouts in recent years with 101 people attending.

We had a guest presentation by George Lambert, the USBC Midwest Regional Manager,
who spoke on some of the programs that they are developing at the national level,
trying to stop and reverse the trend of losing members every year. One of the
programs that he talked about was the "Welcome 2 Bowling" program.
The focus of this program is the 1st year league bowler.
It includes special offers on a performance bowling ball and coaching with
the intent of having the local proshops, coaches, and proprietors
build relationships with the new bowler.
The purpose of this effort is to try to retain the new bowler for at
least 3 years in league bowling, where statistically the dropout rate is much less.
George Lambert stayed around after the meeting to talk with anyone having
questions or concerns, or to just introduce themselves.

The meeting also had its share of the usual topics such as the
Presidents Report, Association Manager's Report, and Financial Report.
Also, there were two reports (one verbal and one written),
about the USBC Annual Meeting in Arlington Texas.
Election of Officers, Directors and Delegates were held (results below).
The meeting included the usual question and answer period near the end
to allow members to ask questions of the Officers and Board.

The results of the elections are as follows:

President (3 year term)
Pat Cross

5 Directors (3 year term)
JoAnn Goggins
Earl Haney
Cherylle Secl-Cross
Chris Ward
Matt Jelsma

USBC Delegates to the 2013 National Convention
Pat Cross
Carole Morgan
Cherylle Secl-Cross
Shirley Avery
Fran Reus
Richard Smith
Robert Dunlap

Michigan State USBC BA Delegates for 2013
Pat Cross
Carole Morgan
Roger Schildroth
Sharon Schildroth

Michigan State USBC WBA Delegates for 2013
Carole Morgan
Cherylle Secl-Cross
Shirley Avery
Fran Reus
Sharon Schildroth

Youth Director (3 year term)
Andrea Sykes

Michigan State USBC Youth Delegates for 2013
vacancy (to be filled per bylaws)

The terms for the President, Directors, and Youth Director
begin on August 1, 2012. The board of Directors Page of the website will be
updated when the new terms begin.

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