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Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association

December 2012 




In This Issue

Seniors Tournament

Scholarship Applications

700/800 Tournament

Elimination Championship Tournament



Seniors Tournament



This year's tournament was held at Fairlanes.  With 243 entries there was almost a 10% increase over last year's tournament.  There were four new winners this year.


Men's 55-65 Div.:  Randy Hylarides

Men's 66 & Over Div.: Roger Southland

Women's 55-65 Division:  Linda Petree

Women's 66 & Over Div.: Ealry Lyons.  


Thank you to all the Seniors for coming out and supporting this event..


  An honor score was bowled by Michael Virkstis (over 65 division).  He had games of 268-300-235=803.  This was his 1st  for both the 300 & 800 series.  Congratulations



Scholarship Applications


Parents:  Scholarship appli-cations will be on the Greater Grand Rapids USBC website in January.  Please watch for it and make sure your elligible bowlers apply for it.  We give away  $1,500.00 to a young man and a young women along with up to three (3) $500.00 scholarships to deserving bowlers.  










from the Greater Grand Rapids USBC Bowling Association  




Dear Bowler,

We are off to a great start with increasing our numbers for the Seniors & 700/800 tournaments.  Let's keep it up in the new year by joining us for the Mixed Doubles & City Tournaments. 


Ask a friend that has never bowled in our tournaments to join you and help us make them bigger & better.  Remember you don't have to be a great bowler to participate, you just have to want to go out and have fun!


Have a great holiday season, have fun, be careful and high scores!


Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association



700/800 Tournament

Rockford Lanes


 Our 50th Anniversary was a great success.  Thank you to all that came out to bowl.  Lots of door prizes were given away thanks to Brunswick, DV8,  Corner Bar, Sams Joint, Vitales, Westgate, Peppermill, Tax Master & Mike Marks Pro Shop.  The grand prize winner of the large screen TV (donated by Rockford Lanes owners Corey & Dale Brown) was Trisha Storey.


This years event  added a women's division along with the Open 700/800 portion.  Our numbers grew as we had hoped they would and look forward to continuing that growth with next years tournament to be held at Paragon Lanes.


The UNOFFICIAL top 10 list  is posted on our website 


Lots of honor scores were bowled...


Brent Landis 290 / 812 

Nick VanDrunen 299 / 300

300 games - Chad Pyne, Don Nyenhuis, Chad Reiffer

299 game - Bill Orlikowski

290 - Dan Kaliniak




Elimination Championship Tournament

Sparta Lanes - 11/18/12


It took an average of 215 to make the initial cut to 16 with the top qualifier Tony Grochowalski averaging 247 to lead the group. After the cut to 16 there was a two game match, then cut to 8 with another two game match, then cut to 4 with a single game match for the final two spots. Derek Case & Rich Vargo hung with each other most of the game, Rich ended up winning with a score of 267-244. It was great bowling by both. In the last 6 games of match play Rich rolled games of 247, 280, 256, 265, 258,& 267.

 Rich Vargo - Winner @ Sparta

Top Eight Finishers:


Rich Vargo - $599 plus plaque and

700 pts. towards the Men's All-City Team

Derek Case - $300 - 450 pts.

Lon Peless - $190 - 300 pts.

Charlie Brown Jr. - $190 - 300 pts.

Mike Smith Jr. - $125 - 200 pts.

Steve Austin - $125 - 200 pts.

Tony Grochowalski - $125 - 200 pts.

Al Powell - $125 - 200 pts.






All bowlers in a certified league must pay membership fees---even substitutes that have not paid in another league. 



Our Mission: The Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services and ehnances the bowling experience.



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