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Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association                                                               October 2011

In This Issue

National Tournament Winners

League Officers Tournament

Cerification Program

Meet your Board of Directors

USBC Convention Notes

Membership Activations



National Tournament Winners


Grand Rapids, Michigan had winners in both the women's and men's National Events that ended in July.


Congratualtions to Elizabeth Rike, Chad Reiffer & Brandon Tarabek for winning at these National Tournaments. 


The women's was held in Syracuse, NY where Elizabeth won the Handicap All-Events in the Diamond Divison while Chad & Brandon won the Actual Doubles in the Open Division in Reno, NV.  


Way to go GRAND RAPIDS!!!





Greater Grand Rapids USBC League Officers Jamboree


Middle Villa Lanes

October 22, 2011

Squad times 

at 1:00 & 3:30 p.m. 


Open to all officers of all Certified leagues in GGRUSBC

(limited to 4 bowlers per league)

Entry Fee - $15 per Doubles Team

This is not a walk-in Tournament

Entries close Wed., Oct. 19




Certification Program


LEAGUE OFFICERS -  Do you want to be a certified League Officer?  The USBC Officer Certification Program teaches current and future league officers his or her responsibilities for any office he or she wishes to seek.  In order to become a Certified Officer, a member must first go through the instructional course and then pass the exam.  Officer training is currently available for league secretaries but will soon be available for league treasurers and presidents.  For more information please visit and click on Officer Certification.





Well here we are 4 weeks into the new season already!!    


We have a lot of work ahead of us this year with the Women's State Tournament in our back yard.  We continue to look for help in running this tournament for approx. 15 weekends in 2012 .  If you are interested please contact the bowling office, one of the center reps or any of the board members.  We will be meeting shortly to start organizing and discussing what our needs will be for this upcoming event.  Stay tuned. 


In the mean time we hope your season is off to a great start!


Carole Morgan & Fran Reus
Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association



Meet your Board of Directors


President - Patrick Cross gobowling

Vice President - Carole Morgan

Association Manager - Cherylle Secl-Cross 


Directors:  Shirley Avery

Mary Gull 

Patricia Hirst

Leroy McIntosh

Jacque Monje

Tom Morgan

Fran Reus

Richard Smith

Doug Stevens

Chris Ward

Earl Haney

Jeremy Pettenger


Youth Committe Representatives:

Sue Eaton

Jim Fay

Harrison Jones

Andrea Sykes




The 2011 Convention was held in Arlington, TX and was attended by 1024 delegates.  Contributions were made to the Bowlers Veteran Link & The Susan G. Komen Foundation.  There will be a new exhibit at the International Bowling Hall of Fame in recognition of "50 Years of Womens Pro Bowling".  USBC has a new mission statement which is to provide benefits, resources & programs that enhance the bowling experience.  The new vision is to create life long bowlers.  USBC's goal is to improve communication with it's members.  The Women's & Open Tournament participation is down but the Youth Junior Gold & National Tournament has increased.  Three proposed amendments changes were proposed.  Lowering the senior tournament age from 55 to 50 - defeated, requiring all associations to merge - defeated, and any one seeking election must have their credentials in 30 days prior rather than 24 hrs. - passed.  Elections of new board of directors was done and we have a new president - Jim Stuurm who is a bowling proprietor from W.Virgina.  On behalf of the GR USBC Delegates - thank you for allowing us to serve you.


Be sure to visit our website at for further updates.


Membership Activations


New this year, bowlers have the opportunity to activate their memberships at:  Activating your membership allows USBC to communicate important news, updates and tips to you throughout the bowling season.  PLUS - USBC will give each bowler a bonus gift of 20% off at the when you activate your card.  Also this, year, each bowler will receive a bag tag member gift included in your membership card mailing. 


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